Cycling Ulster – Off-road Commission – AGM – 16 December 2017 – updated

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Cycling Ulster Off-road Commission will take place on Saturday 16 December 2017.

The venue is “The Seagoe Hotel”
Upper Church Lane, Portadown BT63 SJE

Meet at 11:45 with start time at 12:00.

Positions on the Commission
The commission will be made up of the following positions.  All of the posts are available.
A member of the Cycling Ulster Executive will attend this AGM.

  • Chair
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • plus up to 6 other positions for commission members

Who can attend?
All members of Cycling Ireland clubs can attend however only nominated delegates from the clubs are entitled to vote.  All attendees must sign in with their name, club, and licence number (2017).

The meeting will be conducted by out-going chair Martin Grimley.

Minutes from last AGM

Click here to read the minutes from the last AGM which was held on 4 February 2017.


I, Robert Smyth, Licence number 17LC0914, would like to nominate Dylan Lyness for the position of  Chairperson.

I, Richard Cowan, Licence number 17LC0274, would like to nominate Martin Grimley for the position of Secretary.
I, Barry Kellett, Licence number 17LC0032, would like to nominate Martin Grimley for the position of secretary.
I, Graham Beckett, license number 17LC1092, would like to nominate Martin Grimley for the position of secretary of the CU Off-road commission.

I, Nicola Nelson, licence number (LM-0248105) would like to nominate Lisa Millar for the position of Treasurer.

No nominations

I, Mark Harvey, licence number 17a40198 nominate Nicola McKiverigan as commission member.
I, Steven Lindsay, Licence Number LM-0223630, would like to nominate Nicola McKiverigan for a general committee member for the Off Road Commission.

I, Mark Harvey , licence number 17A40198 would like to put forward the following motion. Junior male cyclocross riders may enter the A or B race depending on their ability level. Those riders who choose to enter the B race will not score points toward the Ulster junior league while riding in the B race and will be subject to the same upgrade points system toward promotion to the A race as the senior B riders.