Race fees & prizes

The following is a breakdown of the fees and prizes for the Ulster XC Series 2017

Fee structure

Seniors: £15 (€15) if you pre-register and pre-pay,
£18 (€20) if you pre-register but don’t pre-pay,
£20 (€25) if unregistered and just turn up on the day.

Juniors: £10 (€10)
Under 14s & Under 16s: £5 (€5)
Under 8s, 10s & 12s: £2 (€2)
Under 6s: £1 (€1)


Within the Ulster XC series there will be prizes for the top 3 in each category.
For youth races (Under 8s to Under 16s) there will be prizes for the top 3 male and top 3 female riders.
For the Under 6s fun race all the young riders will receive a goodie bag.

Prizes for youth will be in the form of a medal, prizes for adults will be cash.

Cash prizes Finishing position  
Senior 1 men£35£30£25£90
Senior 1 women£35£30£25£90
Senior 2 men£30£25£20£75
Senior 3 men£25£20£15£60
Senior 4 men£20£15£10£45
Senior 2 women£20£15£10£45