New to racing?

What to expect / to do on race day

We all had to start somewhere.  Hopefully this guide will give you information as to what to expect on race day.

Hopefully you have read over the list of things to prepare in advance of race day (link here)

Once you have checked where the race will be held, used the map links, printed off the driving instructions or took note of the sat. nav. co-ordinates you need to check out the start time of the race you (your children) are entering.  Aim to be at the venue at least one hour before the start time.  Note that sign on closes 15 minutes before the start of each race.  All riders will benefit from a practice lap (or more) so allow time for this.

Once on site you are looking for the sign on desk.  This would normally be in a hall, or the largest gazebo on site.  Don’t be afraid to ask other riders.  We are a friendly bunch.  Head there bringing along your Cycling Ireland licence card (if you have one) and money for entry fees (and to buy a race licence if necessary).  Riders under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian to sign the registration sheet.

Details about race licences can be read here

At the sign on desk you need to locate the registration sheet for your (your child’s) category.  The volunteers at the desk will point you to the correct sheet.

If you have pre-registered for the race your name (or your child’s name) will be printed on the sheet along with your/his/her licence number (if available).  You need to sign this form (if you are aged 18 or over)

In most races you should be able to sign up on the day; however you should check this on the website before coming along.  In this case you need to fill in your/your child’s full name (clearly) along with the cycling club name (if applicable) and your/his/her licence number (if applicable).  You need to sign this form (if you are aged 18 or over)

Once you have signed on and paid the race entry (as well as any licences necessary) you will receive a race number.

Once you have signed up and paid your fee you will receive a race plate with your race number on it.  This rectangular card needs to be affixed to the handlebars at the front of the bike using the three punched holes in the card.  The number can be affixed using cable ties or string which should be supplied by the race organiser.  Ensure that the number is securely tied in two places at the top of the number (onto the handlebar) and one place at the bottom (normally to one of the brake cables).  See picture below.

Now that you have your race number you should be thinking about getting kitted out and heading for a practice lap.
NOTE: you cannot do a practice lap…
a) unless you are wearing a helmet
b) unless you have your race number attached to your bike
c) while other races are taking place.

Riders will be called to the start line around 10 minutes before the race itself starts.  This is usually to give time for all riders to get to the start and to allow the organisers to grid riders based on current league standings.  In the youth races the girls will be lined up behind the boys and they will start on a separate whistle.  The boys and girls have separate races with separate prizes.  All riders finish on the same lap.  The riders should stop after crossing the line when the chequered flag is flown.

You will need to return the race number to the sign on desk.  This will likely be refreshments laid on by the club.  Check with the organisers to see what time the refreshments will be served.  The prize giving ceremony happens at set times.  Check race information in advance.

Hopefully the above information has been useful.  Please feel free to talk to other riders who will only be too happy to answer your questions.

Good luck.